Komodo Technologies
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Komodo is a boutique data science consultancy that uses machine learning and advanced analytics to help you create new value from your existing data.

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    Data Science Consulting

    Optimize, scale, and advance your business with predictive analytics and machine learning.

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    Analytics Team-as-a-Service

    Hire our pre-built team of data scientists, engineers, and analysts to tackle your analytics initiative, fast.

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    End-to-End Reporting

    Visualize and analyze all the data about your business you need for decision-making, not just the data in the reports your software provides out of the box.

What our Clients have to Say about Us
We don't like to brag about ourselves, but we don't mind when others do! Here's what some of our satisified clients have to say about working with Komodo.
Case Studies

  • SaaS Churn Reduction Learn how custom-built reporting helped an SaaS client empower their customer success team and improve customer retention.

  • Analytics Upsell for Marketing Agency Learn how Komodo helped a client win a major contract through the demonstration of advanced analytics.

  • Marketing Optimization for Digital Marketer Learn how Komodo helped a digital marketer renegotiate contracts with their data sources to increase profitability.

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